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I find art in the passions of others: they way they move through this world with all of their identities, dreams, and failures making beautiful things for others. It’s important to me to capture more than easy moments. 

I want to show you and what you love in motion, in chaos, and in joy.


I am here to elevate the voices of creators who are changing communities on a grassroots level.


My favorite part of my job is being able to talk to others about what they care about, how their goals are tied to the betterment of their community, and how I can help them reach that goal.


When I’m not capturing people, I find peace and inspiration in nature. I’m chasing that feeling in the sun where the wind kicks up and the trees move all at once and my heart goes “bleup” like it swelled too big for just one moment. Sometimes I’m singing in the car really loudly with all my windows down and my heart will do it then too. 


While I have always loved capturing beauty in daily life with photography, I fell into creating images for others by chance. An acquaintance reached out, citing a renewed need for authenticity and story telling, asking if I could help her revive her small business's media presence. What started as a few consultation meetings turned into a company redirection and partnership.


I found my niche in asking really good questions, listening to people as they share their greatest passions, and providing structure for how that story translates into images and social media.

It is through this lens that Ash Tree Images works with people like you. I want to hear all about your relationship, small business, non-profit, or project. Let’s talk about where you came from and where you want to go. You didn’t create this magical thing in one day. It was cultivated with spontaneity and stress and careful planning and late nights and big decisions and copious amounts of love. Let’s create images that show the breadth of this experience.

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